The Magis Apparatus

Magis Apparatus

“Ex Ignorantia Ad Sapientiam”

(Out Of Ignorance Into Wisdom)

A philosophical directory and navigational map

Proposition of all inclusive integrally related unity of self-creation.


Guide between realities.


The approach we take as philosophers is one of a technician with a tool-bag, as perspective and paradigm provide us each as individuals with a unique exposure and interpretation of the environment which surrounds us, it is the superfluous intent of the author to include all perspective as a means to the whole truth. The canvas before us is composed of individual paintings, and as such, the author strives to include all aspects of existence and proposition, both of finite and infinite magnitude, as existence is composed of finite and infinite magnitudes, thus shall the authors philosophy that makes up the Magis Apparatus – which we may now assume to be simply referred to as ‘The Apparatus’ from here on out. The approach is one of many encompassing views in an attempt to grasp the entire canvas, thus the whole truth, whereas a single perspective only focuses itself toward a single section of our canvas, and single form of truth. In turn, my tool-bag, or this apparatus rather, consists of many inclusive paradigm from all areas of mankind’s creativity, thus the term ‘Magis Apparatus’. Magis, a Latin term meaning – ‘more, to a greater extent, rather, for preference’. And Apparatus, a Latin derived word, ‘used to describe a piece of equipment designed for a particular purpose’. It is necessary to understand that from this point on, the author will switch between perspective and paradigm at almost random, as one proposition leads to the next without any ordered process to discovery, so shall the apparatus. In essence, not only shall the subject of the apparatus form proposition, but the format and style of the apparatus itself will shape a model-like network of proposition in which reflects the philosophy herein discussed and form logic through medium. Existence knows no bounds, and therefore either does philosophy. It is my intent to provide technicians with more tools, it is also my intent with the preface to help the reader understand that undeniable proof of any proposition is still unobtainable, be it the ones formed within these pages or the ones formed without – the intent of our philosophy is not to prove, as proof, and truth, are unique to our interpretations and perspectives, and so we shall begin a effort and means to provide more tools and thus more inclusive integrally related perspectives, as existence is a all inclusive integrally related set, and in order to see the whole picture, we must then expand our perspectives, our tools. In turn, the apparatus is a navigational map – a collection of tools. It is also to be made aware that as we are human, we learn by opposition and reason of apparent absence, it is by this that we progress through time towards our means, we have learned through obstacles and always created means around them, we cannot know light without knowing dark, and so throughout the apparatus we apply syllogism and logic that is required to interpret both finite and infinite expressions of existence and change between them with spontaneity. The apparatus is a double-edged knife (a tool) that cuts with one side, or the other, and sometimes by using both. It is a set of tools, a set of perspectives, finite, infinite, and transfinite, attempted to be converted into a single language (Western English) that heavily relies on finite paradigm – hints the format of the Apparatus. This is why the author formats the apparatus as though it is a directory, or network, similar to the shape of a tree, and we proceed from seed, to plant, to tree, to fruition, as one proposition leads to the next and in a numbered yet, at the same time unordered and unprocessed fashion, which is used to lead and point to the logic of infinite paradigm, which is random and disorganized and thus chaotic and without process or pattern. This is to demonstrate the all inclusiveness of existence, as a single set, a whole that consists of both finite and infinite expression. Even though we have a ordered apparatus, we also have random developments of proposition throughout it, explained in many formats and perspectives, but they all reinforce each other as a single whole. And, throughout history philosophers have used format to further convert and convey their thoughts. Even though each text is open to be individually interpreted by the uniqueness of the reader’s mind, which is unique of mine, and thus unique in perspective of mine, it is the intent of the apparatus to include extra perspectives for the reader to interpret individually, and thus further upon in their own paradigm of existence by doing so. It is a algorithm, a paradigm, a gestalt, a pattern, a extension, and a tool. As finite logic is required to view the finite aspects of existence, by the same token, infinite logic is required to view the infinite ones, and thus we have the human, transfinite device, who can switch between views, and so we will now.


Class starts, every one assembles themselves, our instructor begins his preparations, and time unfolds:

Art Teacher: “OK class, Let us begin with a blank sheet of paper, and go ahead and keep in mind we are going to paint something out here, so get your apparatus out I told you to bring yesterday…”

The instructor waits as the class individually reacts to his expectations.

Art Teacher: “Oh hey, whats that?..” He pauses, “I haven’t seen one of these before.. ah hem.. I.. kinda want one.. Let me see that!” He takes his time and inspects the device, “Hehe… Interesting.. Hey, can I keep this one?” Exchange takes place, “… Hey thanks…” He strolls around visiting with another aspirant, “Oh let me guess, you forgot yours, right?” The instructor waits for the lack of response, “I could have guessed.. Call it intuition! And on that note, well I guess you can always use your hands.. Just feel your way across the page.. Anyway, lets get back to what we were discussing..” He pauses again to notice something unusual, “Wait, is that a onion? You brought a onion for your apparatus?” He takes a brief moment to compose himself, “That is.. well.. beautiful..” The subject then asks a question, “..Well, yes, I like onions, actually I like to peal them layer by layer until I get to nothing and eat them with a little bit of salt..” Again, more subjectivity, “Heh, yeah, your breath definitely stinks afterwords!” The instructor speaks upon the group before him, “Heh, good thing we invented the toothbrush! Of which I can also see someone else has brought to class today for their apparatus, this should make for a pretty fun time..” He looks at the majority of the dead, half-slept, half-sober faces of the students before him.. “OK, back to the matter at hand.. The first thing we can do is place a single dot.. so go ahead and do that, pick a color and place a dot..” He waits in expectation, “Thats right! You can do it.. It’s a mutual thing.. and that’s something everyone has gotta do.. Yeah I know, go ahead and define yourself, right?” A single student responds to his request, “Heh, no, it really does get better, and you get the opportunity to really express yourself, just wait..” An unnoticeable pause in his voice proceeds with, “OK, with the one, we place a dot, singularity defined, no dimension, no space, no inside, no outside, but its the point for all that follows, and I mean everything starts with this dot here.. So let’s get to the exciting stuff, and while keeping your apparatus pressed firmly down, extend a line out, and proceed to the two, thus a line, defining a pattern of infinity..” He pauses, finally to notice more of a collective positive participation in the students before him.. “OK, now.. this is where you come in, that’s the only part you gotta do.. heh, and who can argue with that, right?” Suddenly, he notices the whole class has their eyes upon him, and every one of them shake their heads side to side, collectively agreeing (or disagreeing) on his proposition, “OK.. cool, we get it.. This is your chance, just do whatever you feel like you gotta do, and don’t mind me.. I’m just like you.. I mean I’m gonna be here too, painting, and you’re here, so if your affected by my presence so be it.” A pause in conversation eventuates, the instructor begins to pace around his classroom, and begins to sing, ‘Take your time.. Hurry up.. Choice is yours, Don’t be late..’ I love that song don’t you?” Pausing at a student who still remains under apprehensive conditions, “Oh, what!? You don’t like, Nirvana?” The instructor waits and receives response, “Wow! Really? Nice to meet you.. Beethoven fan, ehh? Well his art is definitely amazing too, and too bad he didn’t get to hear some of his most famous pieces though, that is pretty interesting and unfortunate..” He strolls around satisfied at the collectively active students before him, and motivates no one, “Well, I’m just gonna shut my mouth, and just let you guys do your thing, OK? .. Here we go…”


As existence is of two separate magnitudes: finity and infinity, the one leads to the two, and we can begin to form a logic of interpretation, since existence is composed of both infinite and finite expression, we can now apply our logic, and assume existence is atleast of infinite circumference, because if its circumference was that of finity, it would not achieve the capacity for infinite circumference. This means that even one infinite aspect of existence is enough to force the whole thing to infinite proportion following our basic logic and premise. This allows us to begin using both finite and infinite logic, as tools, to apply our, and to our model. Existence is a infinite, all inclusive set – a infinite set. And it’s sub-sets are that of converted finity. Thus powers of infinity, thus Aleph-Powers and infinite set theory developed by George Cantor.

Together, George Cantor, and Bolanzo, have discovered the proportion of our system. Cantor shows us that infinity cannot be measured, only compared, and since we can compare the infinite set to its sub-sets, that is to say, we do have infinite qualities in our experience (love, compassion, beauty, cohesion, ect, all things that cannot be measured), we can now proceed with Bolanzo’s assumption, which is, that simply one infinite aspect of existence is enough to force the entire proportion of the entire set to a single whole of infinity, and that finite form is only a matter of our perception, as the whole is all inclusively present within each of its separated parts, thus powers of infinity.

Infinite expressions cannot be measured, only compared, and are of mind. Since existence is a inclusive and integrally related whole (or infinite set), the fact that humans (conscious beings) can learn, and absorb quality (infinite expression), from the environment (mass, finite expression), means that infinite capacity must also not only exist in the environment as existence is again, a single whole that only appears to be separated, but infinite capacity also exists in their minds (Are you getting the whole picture? Mind? Environment? Capacity? Paradox? Dream? Reflection? Duality? Cohered positive and negative form? The electron?), and the human is only a monadic extension of the environment, a reflection of paradox that converts between. It is interesting to note the Electron, it does whatever it likes, it moves at any speed whenever it wants, it moves forward through time, or backwards, you add up the amplitudes and you get the wave length. Yet for some reason, it, the electron that is, willingly coheres itself, thus creating the finite form before us, at the speed of light – Where there is a will, there is a way.

The brain, physically, is not of infinite proportions, this is because the brain is only a tool used to interpret, thus process and collect from the environment around it. Like a dam, it hinders and collects energy from the flow of the infinite ocean of conscious awareness, and as each is individually shaped, each ones limited perception of the environment too is individually shaped. Thus humanity’s purpose is one of a conversion process in the discovery of self-awareness, as the environment is externalized unaware form, and the quality the human has infinite capacity for is a infinite and internalized form.

It can also be assumed, that since this is humanity’s purpose, and thus reason for expression, and since nothing is expressed without purpose, and deep in the ocean where there is no light we coincidentally do not find anatomical eyes, that conscious life outside of human form will not be found, as we already contain that purpose, and instead we find ourselves.

Finite expressions, such as those of mass, can be measured. The instant mass is created, space is created, time is created, one cannot exist without the other for the purpose of finite expression. And so this is a isolated, all inclusive, integrally related, system, of conserved energy, where things are not created or destroyed, simply converted, E=MC² .

  • Infinity implies inclusive unity.
  • Implicative unity is thus implied.
  • Intuitive inference is implied with infinite paradigm.
  • Implicativeness is thus implied with infinite paradigm.
  • Powers of infinity are implied at all times.


  1. Existence is of two different magnitudes – Finite and Infinite. Since existence includes infinite magnitude, and finite magnitude, in order for infinite magnitude to exist, the entire proportion of existence must then be of infinity, since one of finite proportions could not encompass the circumference of infinity. Finite expression is thus a sub-set of the infinite main-set of existence, and all of existence is a single, integrated, infinite whole, it’s sub-sets only appear to be separated in finite form.
    1. Everything is expressed with all inclusive purpose, that is to say, everything has purpose, even the idea of non-purpose, thus has purpose. As such, nothing is to be ignored, quality is everywhere.
    2. Finite magnitude consists of all mass, and thus space, and thus time.
      1. Finite expressions can be measured – The creations of finite syllogism and logic, which are simply a matter of perspective, and thus paradigm, allow us to formulate from inferences in the environment of which we interpret around us with our human form, and thus mind.
        1. Mass is a condensed container of quality. Human’s release energy from mass over the course of time through their creative means, E = MC² , where E is Energy, M is Mass, and C is the velocity of light, the energy released from mass is sent from a potential condensed state into a infinite kinetic one through human interaction and creativity, and thus human’s release quality from mass, as quality is the paradoxical indirect implication of mass.
          1. Releasing energy from mass requires the same input of energy in order for release, thus conversion. Throughout history mankind has created faster and faster ways of releasing energy from mass, with the pinnacle being the physical sciences, which is of finite paradigm, a perception that has gave birth to the most recent and powerful creations, including the nuclear advent, which is a area of knowledge that is solely composed of releasing energy from mass.
            1. As more and more energy is released from mass, the environment becomes more chaotically organized to reflect this, and we grow more aware as things speed up toward singularity. The nuclear advent released so much energy from mass at once, that our studies have now lead us into a realm of harmful realization. That is to say, our creations from this point on will encourage chaotic singularity to the point where it is physically harmful to the entire species.
              1. As natural selection does not apply to humanity, as we create our own condition, it is often the weak who survive now, and the strong that which do not. Our creations have allowed us to realize that we can create our own condition. Physical survival has always been our main priority with all creations, but as time goes on, and awareness of our true and infinite nature increases, finite survival will wane, and infinite survival will wax.
                1. It is safe to assume, our creations of the internet, and collective developments of thought, are this process, as with all of creativity, we are working towards our infinite nature, until the entire body is no longer needed, and thus re-created.
                  1. We create our obstacles, mass volunteers into form, the electron of which can slip back and forth, in and out of time, speed up and slow down, willingly coheres form before us. We take the amplitudes and arrive at the wave length. Where there is a will there is a way. And as such, our will is to discover ourselves, hints the finite environment. The environment is our egg (including earth), and as we consume it, we develop and hatch into fully realized beings.
        2. All entropy is an effect of humanity’s every increasing awareness of it’s self-created nature. As humanity becomes increasingly aware of it’s self-created nature at a ever increasing exponential rate, entropy thus increases at a exponential rate, that is to say, finite chaos and infinite awareness are increasing (being achieved) at a exponential rate. It is a inverse relationship of curves, of finite cohesion lost and transfinite cohesion gained, extending from the beginning of time, to the end. It is only the past 200 years we have created most of our inventions, and it is only the past 200 years we have become most aware, and only the past 200 years we have rearranged the environment the most (40% of world forests have been converted into creative means) and the process continues, always gaining speed, in turn conflict too grows in order to eventuate this accelerating and increasing release of mass.
    3. Infinite magnitude consists of quality, no time, no space, and of mind.
      1. Infinite expressions cannot be measured, only compared.
        1. Infinite syllogism and logic implies intuition and implicative unity.
      2. Infinite quality is being gained at ever increasing exponential rate as humanity releases energy from mass at a ever increasing exponential rate, that is to say, the environment is that which we do not know and externalized (finite). We learn through conflict and differentiation with the environment, and that which we do know, is internalized (infinite). As all quality is of mind, it exists outside the separated form of mass. All quality and characteristics are formed in the mind, as sensing is thinking. Seeing is thus, thinking, and every other method of absorption, is all thought-together.
        1. As we are all sovereign beings, composed of the same infinite whole we only think we are separated from, all is agreement. Every collective agreement, is just that, an agreement. All things are individually experienced, in the individual’s unique mind, and just as all things are different, so too then are our perspectives in which we think together, and thus create the environment around us instantaneously every moment.
          1. This constant fluctuation between singularity, and separate, at the speed of light, that is to say the will of the electron to pop in and out of time and cohere form, create a inward pull towards singularity at all times, thus Gravity. As mass is voluntary cohering together at every moment through our will, and thus resisting singularity, a tangential force is created in response to that resistance, thus the pull of Gravity.
            1. Everything is being pulled towards singularity, and by our creative means we move forward and toward singularity as well. We literally, create our way toward it, all of our inventions, from cooking, to the nuclear advent, have all been ways of releasing energy from mass, and thus in support of environmental conversion, hints the decay of all particles or entropy. A vortex of awareness grows, rearranging all mass into its singular chaotic state of infinite proportions.
              1. Once time runs it’s course, all will have been absorbed and internalized and converted,, all energy released from all mass, all things created, and thus complete awareness of our creative nature will be obtained.
                1. As mass is a condensed state, one that resists singularity, it serves to obstruct, and thus differentiate in order to be learned from. Social structures of organization are thus, the same force of negative entropy. That is to say, freedom, and awareness of our sovereignty will not be a matter of organized peoples, it is the awareness of our true chaotic and infinite nature as a group of sovereign beings as a whole, it is the entire collection of all things made aware individually and internalized. That of which cannot be measured implies quality, including love, compassion, hope, faith, tolerance, beauty, ect, and all quality. It is all these qualities that a being must become aware of, and thus create, it is not a matter of government force, which serves to obstruct and organize, in order for our creative means to surpass.
                  1. Since all is inclusive, all is created, or rather, self-created. We learn by differentiation, the mind gives form, and differentiates and a opposes through conflict. As such, we cannot know light without dark, freedom without constraint, compassion without suffering, hope without loss, faith without lack of faith, and general separation implies a forward movement in awareness toward singularity, cohesion and love, at all times. From imperfection, we arrive at perfection.
    4. Expression is of will. Humanity’s consciousness is a state of sovereign will, and thus a monadic extension of will. And as all is willed, all is wayed. The human role is a function of creative will, a monad or unit of will, towards complete creativity, and thus complete awareness.
      1. Finite externalized mass is converted to infinite quality, and transfinite awareness is self-realized through monadic units of will, i.e. humanity, via creativity, and fluctuation of all that is unknown, is externalized, then internalized and is known.
      2. Expression of everything then must be expressed. This includes all expressions, from suffering, to loneliness, all is expressed as obstacle, as organized form, and through conflict it is then converted into internalized form, and quality is gained, and awareness achieved.
      3. Humanity is the creator, the artist, the will, in the creators separated unaware state. We did not erase our memory, this is not a case of self abuse, this is a case of self awareness. As such, it is assumed, the creator is becoming aware because he previously was not, and just as we are.
        1. Everything is thought. I think therefore I am. We think our perception together thus creating realities of our own. As all is all before us, in a state of singular inclusiveness, it is our paradigm of thought that develops the patterns that make us pick out the stimuli and gestalts of here and now, and coordinates directly with a monadic extension’s level of self-awareness, we only have access to what we need, but progress always.
        2. Self-Creation is everywhere, in ideas, and in organic life. As we become self-aware, we become aware more and more, that is to say, faster and faster, of our self-created nature as we see it more and more. And so we create it, more and more, and faster and faster. The process is that of entropy.
          1. As time goes on, entropy grows larger, that is to say, chaos grows larger, along side awareness – Our awareness creates entropy. A single state of chaos.
            1. As the environment loses cohesion, internalized realization gains cohesion, awareness is achieved, and there is no need for organized negative entropic force.
              1. A self-realized monad of will, that is fully aware of it’s sovereignty, will not be governed, that is to say, it will not allow itself to be governed, because it no longer needs to, and thus it will not create it, or externalize it, because it is already internalized, and forms of constraint no longer serve a purpose being externalized.
                1. It is the collective awareness of all monadic extensions of will that lead to a fully self-realized state of sovereignty, and thus true freedom, that is to say, a state without constraint.
          2. Negative Entropy is that of organization, and is a temporary state, this includes all forms of positive and negatively cohered form – all mass. As well as all organized social constructs, including government.
            1. Positive and Negative charges were cold-set into form, literally ‘shocked’ into existence, when the absolute heat of the creator met the absolute cold of the void, this process eventuated as the big bang. Such a large release of energy, forced all form into positive and negative duality as it met the nothing, and like a artist who blows a bubble out of molten glass, it cold-sets into form.
            2. All fact, all proof, is a matter of convenience, as all is integrally and inclusively related, and as one proposition leads to the next either directly or indirectly, we essentially have a infinite number of empirical evidences we can provide to conveniently attempt to define proof and support any hypothesis, but all we are really doing is self-explaining, thus not ‘proving’, as all is tautologically inferred, and expressed, and referenced, all we do is take a piece of the same thing and use it to describe a part of the same thing. Fallacy, and quantity, do not create content of quality, and ‘not-proving’ something by means of definition, via symbolism, does not in turn ‘prove’ something else, as symbols do not contain quality, quality is of mind, and exists outside of the symbol.
              1. Perception is to language, is to logic, is to paradigm. As sovereign beings we are all free to create our own, as such we create our own reality. The human device is capable of traveling between realities, and the apparatus attempts to provide a map.
                1. Often, what is not said, is indirectly said.
              2. Conflict equates quality, quantity does not equate quality. Repetitious acts of quantitative expression, such as reading, never equate to the true teacher of experience, of that which is conflict.
                1. Often those around us, such as publishers and academic salesmen, seek to prove, but only dis-prove through acts of fallacy, and often try to elevate themselves above the will of another by means of quantitative success. But as equals, those who do not accept each other as equal, and therefore of them, will never accept their ideas. We are all sovereign, and to accept the will of another is still an act of sovereignty.
                2. A true aspirant craves and thus seeks conflict. We are all hungry for conflict. Conflict releases energy from mass, and equates quality, and thus awareness.
                  1. Conflict leads to more quality, and more proposition. One proposition leads to another, directly, indirectly, or both. And we create, all fields grow complex until they turn into a new field. From one thing, we go to the next, by creative means, with self-survival and self-awareness our guide at all times.
                    1. Through conflict, our creativity will grow, to such a point, where instantaneously we will create our will.
                    2. Physical sciences will allow us to further our creative means so quickly, that one day, we will re-create ourselves. Drawing vector lines forward in time, from our current fields of creativity, and under the same premise of exponential increase in manifestation, show us anything is possible, and we will create it.
                    3. We are self-created beings, who have self-created everything, instead of focuses of mourn and regret, we should take our model, and focus on how to create the future we can now see by using it as our guide, because we can and will and do create everything. That is not to justify compassion, it is simply another perspective in which to view any given and unfortunate situation.
                    4. We should keep our hand pressed firmly against the acceleration throttle, and our eyes pointed forward at all times.
                    5. It is those who think they know something, that stop searching.
                    6. We should have faith in ourselves, and in each other, instead of in our loneliness. We are equal, and as equals, we are all of each other, when we look at someone else, we should look at them as we look at ourselves, as infinite and absolute sovereign beings who share the same all inclusive and infinite properties we do.


Memorable Quotes from the film, Waking Life (2001), by Richard Linklater.
(a philosophical film of particular influence)

Boat Car Guy: “I feel like my transport should be an extension of my personality. And this is like my little window to the world… and every minute’s a different show. I may not understand it. I may not even necessarily agree with it. But I’ll tell you what I’ve accepted: just sort of glide along. You want to keep things on an even key, this is what I’m saying. You want to go with the flow. The sea refuses no river. The idea is to remain in a state of constant departure while always arriving. It saves on introductions and goodbyes. The ride does not require explanation – just occupance. That’s where you guys come in. It’s like you come onto this planet with a crayon box. Now you may get the 8 pack, you may get the 16 pack but it’s all in what you do with the crayons – the colors – that you’re given. Don’t worry about coloring within the lines or coloring outside the lines – I say color outside the lines, you know what I mean? Color all over the page; don’t box me in! We’re in motion to the ocean. We are not land locked, I’ll tell you that. “ (Waking Life, 2001, Richard Linklater)

Quiet Woman at Restaurant: “When it was over, all I could think about was how this entire notion of oneself, what we are, is just this logical structure, a place to momentarily house all the abstractions. It was a time to become conscious, to give form and coherence to the mystery, and I had been a part of that. It was a gift. Life was raging all around me and every moment was magical. I loved all the people, dealing with all the contradictory impulses – that’s what I loved the most, connecting with the people. Looking back, that’s all that really mattered.” (Waking Life, 2001, Richard Linklater)

Pinball Playing Man: “There is only one instant, and its right now. And its eternity.” (Waking Life, 2001, Richard Linklater)

Speed Levitch: “On really romantic evenings of self, I go salsa dancing with my confusion.” (Waking Life, 2001, Richard Linklater)

Guy Forsyth: “The trick is to combine your waking rational abilities with the infinite possibilities of your dreams. Because, if you can do that, you can do anything. “ (Waking Life, 2001, Richard Linklater)

Old Man: “As the pattern gets more intricate and subtle, being swept along is no longer enough.
Boat Car Guy: “Man this must be like… parallel universe night. You know that cat that was just in here? Just ran out the door? Well, he comes up to the counter, you know, and I say “What’s the word, turd?” And he lays down this burrito and he kind of looks at me, kind of stares at me and says, “I have but recently returned from the valley of the shadow of death. I’m rapturously breathing in all the odors and essences of life. I’ve been to the brink of total oblivion. I remember and ferment the desire to remember everything.” “
Wiley: “So, what did you say to that?”
Boat Car Guy: “Well, I mean, what could I say? I said, “If you’re going to microwave that burrito, I want you to poke holes in the plastic wrapping because they explode. And I’m tired of cleaning up your little burrito doings. You dig me?” “ (Waking Life, 2001, Richard Linklater)

Explicated Terms

Paradigm – I think therefore, I am. As is the case with all of humanity, all is thought, and as such all is before us, it is only our paradigm, that forms our perception, and allows us to pick out the stimuli and response patterns of the ‘here and now’ from all that is infinitely before us. Human’s at this point start void of paradigm, logic, and language, but it is in this order that the latter is developed. Thus perception itself is derived from paradigm. It is thus implied that switches between paradigm are required to view the entire whole truth, and thus the entire picture. Whereas a single paradigm is only good at viewing one section of the whole truth. As language, logic, and thus paradigm are what allow us to perceive, we are to look at paradigm as a tool in which to utilize to perceive. All is before us, in a single homogeneous flux of infinite energy, it is our minds that pick out the ‘here and now’ of time, the stimuli and response, as we move ourselves through time we literally paint upon the void that stimulation and response, and we perceive and interact with sections of a infinite whole that only are being perceived as separate.

Empirical Evidence – As all is thought, and access to quality is thus limited by paradigm. As plato pointed out with his dialogue ‘Theaetetus’, knowledge is from perception. As such, we have a infinite number of empirical evidences to support any one hypothesis. Any premise is directly related to paradigm, and paradigm is of sovereignty and individual experience, and so each premise is of individual paradigm and experience, and until we have a solid premise, all conclusions are equally as deniable as their premise. Fallacy, and plays on language, and attempts to ‘dis-prove’ do not in turn ‘prove’. All is tautologically inferred and referenced, and all we do is take a piece of one thing, and use it to provide ‘evidence’ of a part of the same thing – nothing is actually ‘proved’ in terms of infinite paradigm. And as all proposition is derived from other proposition, be it of direct or indirect influence, we in turn have a infinite number of propositions we can justify our hypothesis with, as they are all linked in one way or the other, you can just work down the chain ultimately reflecting all proposition in means of support. Thus, all conviction, and conclusion, is a matter of perception and persuasion, and as such, a ‘battle of words’.

Cohesion – Cohesion, or what ties everything together, is currently split between two realms of magnitudes – Finite and Infinite. Cohesion from one realm is moving to the other by means of human creativity and metamorphosis hints entropy, a German derived term meaning conversion. As time unfolds, cohesion from one magnitude gets converted to the other via release of energy from mass and creativity. Through this process, the human transfinite device converts cohesion from one magnitude to the other. Energy is released from finite mass via conflict with the environment and creative means, the human device then absorbs this quality, and internalizes it in a infinite form. The environment then reflects this change, as cohesion moves away from the externalized environment, and into the infinite internalized realm of thought. Cohesion in terms of finite expression is the will of the electron, to constantly refresh form before us at the speed of light. Cohesion in terms of infinite expression is love.

Negative Entropy – Negative Entropy implies all organized force of finite expression. All organized force, and conservative ideology, seeks to organize and cohere a state of non-chaos and thus serves to obstruct and resist the creative side-effect of entropy and thus progressive self-awareness. All obstacles are to be over-come by creativity. As all nuclear particles decay, and all mass is rearranged into a single state of chaotic and infinite unity, all mass thus decays over time, and releases quality over time, all obstacles and creative means around them are thus a matter of duration, progression, and time.

Monad – Monadic extension implies inclusive will, thus the state of consciousness. If one could zoom down on any object, past the point of finite cohesion, you would arrive at the Monad. Monads volunteer into existence through their sovereign will, just as the electron ‘wills’ itself to pop back into time and continue it’s orbit and thus cohere form before us. All is a matter of will and faith, thus the Monad. Monadic hosts such as those of humanity, are given a physical body, and the ability to express their sovereign will themselves through it. Particles and waves, however, cannot be observed with the human eye, as we are limited to 5 senses, our only method of observation is to bounce electromagnetic radioactive particles off these pieces of existence with special microscopes secluded in tight vacuums. What we ‘see’ is a colorless photo of the results of the electromagnetic radiation bouncing off a conductive surface.

Transfinite – That which can convert finite into infinite. The human device. Mass is finite. Quality is infinite. Awareness is transfinite. In infinite set theory, transfinite numbers include the aleph-series, the power of which we raise infinity to, however these numbers are not finite, thus the term infinite is often used to describe the transfinite. However, in the case of humanity’s progression of self-awareness we are to differentiate with the term Transfinite.

Quality – Quality implies all experiences of which we attach to symbols. Quality exists outside of all symbols, just as with dreams, quality exists outside of all mass. Quality is unmeasurable, thus quantity does not equate to quality. Quality is ‘of-mind’, Love, for example, is quality – unmeasurable, and exists outside the actual symbol it is attached to in the mind. Quality is unlocked via paradigmic switch. We are surrounded by quality, however, in order to perceive it, changes in paradigm must be invoked, and thus changes in logic and even symbolism.

Proposition – All statements are of proposition. All knowledge is thus of proposition. Proposition is formed from other propositions, directly, or indirectly. We can start with any one proposition, and begin to proceed to the next, as they are all linked. The proposition of Light, thus indirectly involves the proposition of Dark. All proposition is in the shape of a tree, all linked, yet in a unordered fashion. It seems we all start out on different ‘branches’ of the tree, and work our way from one proposition (leaf) to the next, gathering quality,recreating it,expressing it and learning are thus the same process, of which conflict provides, and thus experience is the greater teacher always in life. As propositional formation often involves paradox, we too learn by reason of apparent absence, and it is by opposition that we prosper to singularity and view the entire tree, you cannot know light without dark.

Reference and Acknowledgment

All creators are of reference and acknowledgment. All proposition. All discoveries. All things. All statements. All imaginations. All fields. All forms.

Particular reference of no particular order thus follows:

George Cantor, Bolanzo, Plato, Rene Descartes, George Graves, Aristotle, Albert Einstein, Thoth, Anaximander, Pythagoras, Thales, Anaximenes, Theophrastus, Leucippus, Democritus, Epicurus, Leonardo Da Vinci, Josiah Royce, Johnathan Swift, Archimedes,, Soren Kierkegaard, Immanuel Kant, Bertrand Russell, Edward B. Tylor, G. H. Dicke, Emile Durkheim, Fred Hoyle, Rudolf Steiner, Friedrich Nietzsche, Thomas Aquinas, St. Augustine, Francis Bacon, Mirza Husayn Ali Nuri, Moses, Zoroaster, Buddah, Jesus, Muhammad, Simone de Beauvoir, Jean-Paul Sartre, Ayn Rand, Ivan Pavlov, B. F. Skinner, John Locke, George Berkeley, George Gamow, Noam Chomsky, Karl von Clausewitz, Leon Festinger, Jean Piaget, Thomas More, Mao Zedong, Karl Marx, Auguste Comte, K’ung Fu-tsu, Hsun Tzu, Emmy Noether, Jeremy Bentham, Edmund Burke, Nicolaus Copernicus, Vladimir Tatlin, Edgar Varese, John Cage, Max Horkheimer, Pablo Picasso, Norbert Wiener, Diogenes, Jean Arp, Tristan Tzara, Charles Darwin, Roland Barthes, Thomas Bayes, H.P Lovecraft, Jean Buridan, Jacques Derrida, Edward Herbert, Machiavelli, Pierre-Simon Laplace, John Dewey, Socrates, David Ricardo, Hegel, W.E.B Du Bois, Frederick Douglass, Gaetano Mosca, Vilfredo Pareto, Ralph Waldo Emerson, David Hume, Adam Smith, Rudolf Julius Emmanuel Clausius, Voltaire, Ludwig Josef Johann Wittgenstein, Edmund Husserl, Alfred Schutz, Arthur Schopenhauer, A.J. Ayer, Karl Popper, Helen Petrovna Blavatsky, Henry David Thoreau, Alexis de Tocqueville, Dave Draper, John Long, Abraham Maslow, The Cat in the Hat, Carl Jung, Kurt Godel, Alfred Tarski, Brand Blanshard, Werner Heisenberg, Niels Bohr, Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling, Sigmund Freud, Robert K. Merton, Shakespeare, Thing 1, Lodovico Castelvetro, Peter Abelard, William of Ockham, Herbert Spencer, John Stuart Mill, Robert Owen, St. Paul, G.E Moore, Fredrich Wohler, Henri Bergson, Hans Driesch, Louis-Victor de Broglie, Max Weber, Spinoza, Alfred Adler, Margaret Murray, Mary Wollstonecraft, William Blake, Thomas Paine, Thing 2, William Godwin, Patanjali, Zeno, Parmenides, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Theodor Herzl, David E. Cooper, Niles Eldridge, Kwame Anthony Appiah, Henry Louis Gates Jr, Raymond Williams, Rosemarie Putnam Tong, Leo Strauss, Richard Tarnas, Robert L. Heilbroner, Harald Fritzsch, Robert E. Goodin, Richard L. Gregory, Roger S. Jones, Carole Wade, Hutson Smith, Melanie Klein, Donald W. Winnicott, W.R.D Fairbairn, Karl Jaspers, Edwin Hubble, Vincent Van Gogh, Edvard Munch, El Greco, Beethoven, Kurt Cobain, Kim Gordon, Lee Ranaldo, Frantz Fanon, The Little Engine that Could, Eugene O’Neill, Benito Mussolini, Henri Matisee, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, John Jay, Richard Linklater, Thurston Moore, Charles M. Schulz, Charlie Brown, John Martineau, Miranda Lundy, and everyone and everything else.


Reasoning, logic, perspective, and paradigm can now be viewed as tools to be used by intuitive, feeling, sovereign beings, in order to pass through and create their own realities. The information contained within the apparatus is by no means all that is. The network of information here could be continued and furthered, and if the reader is skilled enough, even drawn into the future, but the apparatus as it is, is simply a piece of the pattern, a starting point, a building block, a key, that should suffice in unlocking the reader’s recognition skills of both infinite and finite magnitudes, and should be used to further the reader’s creative ambitions. However, the geometric pattern located at the bottom of this page, unlike the apparatus itself, does contain all information. This symbol, which is commonly referred to as the Flower of Life, can be found all over the world in ancient histories and cultures that have long disappeared, the earliest of which is Egyptian drawn. In Egyptian mythos, we learn of the God, Thoth, whom of which introduced writing to man, and also taught him this pattern. According to Thoth, this pattern contains all information, directly or indirectly, and all proposition can be derived from it, it is an artifact, and in the apparatus’ case with the reader, it is meant to be studied upon by the reader in order to provide a visual gestalt pattern in which to apply to the information read and derived from the apparatus, in order to allow the reader to further it’s all inclusive paradigm of thought and see the whole picture. As of today, and through countless combined hours of collective meditation on this symbol, the flower of life, we have found all physical laws, the platonic solids, all shapes, all musical harmonies, all wavelengths, and much more.. It is safe to assume we will always be able to apply everything we learn to this model, as it has worked thus far. Feel free to draw one with a compass as shown below.

Cohesion Graph

Curves of cohesion gained and lost throughout finite and infinite magnitudes via observation of entropic and negative entropic force.

Curves are based off the release of energy from mass or creative output of humanity, the pinnacle of which was the 1945 nuclear advent (noted by a yellow line), when creative output and release of mass became, and thus becomes, exponentially increasingly harmful to all forms.

Curves follow a exponential increase/decrease after the 1945 creative peak, to the point of instability around 1998 (noted by a yellow line).

All mass is converted/absorbed roughly around 2020.

Finite cohesion includes all of mass, including population and stability.

Infinite cohesion implies quality gained, thus transfinite awareness, including the development of fields of automation, robotics, prosthesis, nano-technology, and replacement of population via creativity, thus self-awareness.

Prediction based off the graph should be given a 8 year span in either direction, totaling to a gap of 16 years. Thus complete absorption is to take place between 2012 and 2028.

As Philosophy, which is a study of existence, and thus of all magnitudes, finite and infinite, proof and truth are not our inspiration nor our motivation, our ability to create, and in particular create the future, is all that will determine if our truth is reliable. With the graphs of cohesion and chaos, and gathered knowledge from historical observation, we can compare histories point on the graph, with our own, and even our futures, in order to predict. To predict is to create, and only time will tell if the perspectives and information provided within the apparatus are useful and thus truthful. But the intent of this device was to provide the reader with a much broader perspective, a new tool, in which to interact with their experiences and future observations, and even create and compare and extend their network into the apparatus’, a skilled enough aspirant can predict the change of the environment with the curves and building blocks provided, there is a pattern here, and nothing more.


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  1. December 14, 2009 at 2:23 am

    The recent uprising of green ideology has sparked my interest. I will be publishing another blog soon, to be titled: Aeris Argumentum, arguing the propositions gathered by physicists, meteorologists, geologists, astrophysicists, and organic chemists demonstrating how volcanism and the Earth’s natural ventilation system actually emit more sulfuric acids and carbon silicates than mankind per year, and also that these natural emissions of sulfuric dioxide serve to cool, and this layer stacks above the greenhouse layer (which serves to heat it), so thus the sulfuric layer affects the greenhouse layer. Global mean temperature is still dropping despite the areas of ozone depletion near the polar ice caps, which is where all the gas emissions, natural or man-made, end up traveling to due to climate diffusion. It is my belief, that ice-age re-entry as shown in the past can happen within 10-15 years, and we are undoubtedly at the beginning of this process. It is also my intent to provide means against economic provisions of ill-advice which could turn out to be fatal, and that the economic momentum behind the green movement, is of deceit, and masquerades as truth when it only provides a single perspective on a global situation in hopes to affect consumerism.

    Sulfuric acids need to be recognized on a political scale, via natural volcanic emissions, and the fact that the earth has gone through 4 previous ice ages due to this, and that heating due to ozone depletion only leads to a state of water distribution that in turn creates more cooling, and that these results have very little to do with man-kind as with the past, and man-kind’s intervention will not alter the galactic scale of cycles involved in planetary albedo.

    We should use our model of the past, and look forward, not move money in and out of jobs and old ideas, ignoring the fact, that on a global mean we are still getting colder, every year, since 1940, and also that every indication of ice-age re-entry is flagged red, whereas greenhouse gas emissions are flagged green, naturally focusing our attentions toward it via economic interest, instead of the true futile issue at hand, which includes all perspectives, not just that of greenhouse emissions, which naturally should include volcanic emissions and oceanic off-sets, however information is distorted to where this is not so. The Aeris Argumentum is my collection of propositions that will provide more perspective to the green movement and ideology, including their piece of the model in the earth’s entire model of planetary albedo, demonstrating how, this has happened in the past, and, its happening again, and in fact even in periods of stable c02 measurements, temperature has heated, or cooled, via increase or decrease of sulfuric acids released from volcanoes and vents, which thus proceed and affect carbon emissions.

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